There’s Something About Work Beauty…

It’s just not as fun as other beauty. You have to tone it down, keep it fresh and relaxed, and (for the most part) save the fun looks for after work hours. Unless your boss is very understanding, and your workplace is very low key, blue eyeliner or bright pink lipstick probably won’t cut it.

Since I started my first real job on Thursday (great so far!) I thought what better than a post about work beauty? Follow these tips and you’ll never put a foot wrong.

How to look wide awake after a late night. You don’t want your boss to know after all.
We’ve all been there. Getting ready for work in the morning after a long night, hopelessly trying to minimise dark circles and puffy eyes. Well, I have a secret beauty tool that without fail saves me everytime. Introducing, Benefit Eye Bright Pencil.

Benefit Eye Bright $37. (Click image to be taken to Adore Beauty).

It’s a miracle product, everyone I know who uses it, swears by it. The beauty of it is that it’s a fleshy pink colour, not white, so it looks more natural. Simple apply on your waterlines, add some mascara and hello wide awake!

You didn’t hear it from me…but if you spend over $125 at the Benefit USA website, you get free shipping. And with the exchange rate, products end up being heaps cheaper which means you can get more products! It can be out little secret!

Keep it looking natural and professional.
For work I swear by tinted moisturisers. They’re just so easy to apply and don’t look heavy, they provide just enough coverage for work. Any added coverage comes from a little concealer and that’s all you need. Save the heavy duty stuff for when you go out.

Lips should be understated.
I don’t like big glossy lips at work, matte seems to go over much better. Subtle pinks and nudes, perhaps even a red if you’re game, look lovely and will make you look polished. Just don’t over do it!

Nails, keep it short.
You know how some girls like nails that are way way long? Well, I think in the office, a reasonable length is more appropriate. Make sure they’re well groomed and opt for subtle polish colours or a french manicure. This will keep you looking polished and professional, perfect.

Hair, we can have some fun here.
At work I like to wear my hair up in a bun (sometimes I like to use the donut!) or ponytail. But this is personal choice, I think wearing hair down to work is absolutely fine so long as it’s kept well groomed.

What are your beauty rules for work? Any tips?

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1 Response to There’s Something About Work Beauty…

  1. Ingrid says:

    I hope you’re enjoying your job:) Work-beauty doesn’t have to be boring as long as you use amazing products. Benefit eye bright is a winner for sure x

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