Product Review: Sukin Hand & Nail Cream

It’s no secret that I love Sukin products. They have been fantastic for my skin, and are so reasonably priced that it’s nothing at all for me to use them liberally and then replace straight away when finished. Plus it makes me feel kind of good to be ‘doing my bit’ for the environment as the products are carbon neutral and devoid of all the common chemicals.

So when I discovered their hand and nail cream recently I knew I had to try it.


When I started the cream my hands were quite dry and my nails brittle following a disaster at my nail salon a few weeks back – long story short, they filed and buffed my nails to bendy stubs. End of rant.

Anyway what were the results of the cream?

Day 1: As with all Sukin products, a little goes a long way. I applied the cream to my hands liberally after any encounter with water. My hands seemed a little better but not noticeably improved. The cream does however get a big tick for being non greasy.

Day 2: my hands felt a little better today with the dry scaly skin on my knuckles noticeably reduced. My hands still felt a little dry but not obviously so. Still I found myself compulsively rubbing cream on my hands numerous times during the day which tells me that it’s probably not very effective. I do like the soft fragrance though, and if anything good has come of this it is that my colleagues are now using hand cream to. We’re a vain lot!

Day 3: my hands are dry again despite religiously applying the cream the last few days. I give up!

All in all, as much as I want to love it, there are far better hand creams out there for a fraction of the price. Nothing I’ve tried so far comes close to my Nivea Q10 tube from Safeway ($3.99).

What hand cream is a must have in your handbag?

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