A Lesson From Diane Kruger

Serious question, have you ever seen Diane Kruger look less than utterly amazing? I haven’t.

She knows what works for her. And what’s perfect is ethereal, goddess makeup with the occasional splurge on colour. The look she favors resembles that of her character in Troy – the famous Helen of Troy, the woman that launched a thousand ships.

Her makeup this weekend at Cannes was no exception.



So classic. So impeccable. So Diane.

Get her look with the bare minimum – think tinted moisturiser, Illuminator, rosy or peach cream blush, mascara and a hint of a pink lip. The look is all about appearing as though you’re wearing next to no product. It’s about celebrating natural beauty, not hiding behind a mask of makeup.

So what this comes down to is knowing yourself. Be true to yourself when it comes to makeup. Work with what you’ve got. Understated elegance never goes out of style.

Do you like Diane’s look? Who was your favourite beauty star at Cannes?

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1 Response to A Lesson From Diane Kruger

  1. I LOVE Diane Kruger. She always looks amazing. There’s rumours circulating that her and Joshua Jackson are engaged, even though reps have denied, but I hope it’s true, they’re so super cute! My favourite dress from Cannes has been Kirsten Dunst in that gorgeous fuchsia Dior gown, I just love it! http://thefashionpatrol.com/2012/05/23/kirsten-dunst-in-christian-dior-at-the-on-the-road-premiere-2012-cannes-film-festival/

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