My Winter Skin Saver

I don’t know about you, but my skin is dry dry dry right now. Damn winter.

It was particularly dry and tight last week on my work trip to Canberra. No matter how much water I drank, or how much rose hip oil I applied, nothing could make my skin plump and healthy. Until this.


Skinvitals Cloth Facial packs are amazing. I chose a hydrating one this time, but I mostly favor the brightening masks. They’re super easy to apply – get the mask out, slip it on your face and relax! – and for just per $10 for a pack of three (at Priceline) they’re a cheap indulgence. Plus they come in sachets which makes them the perfect travel companion.

They leave my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Follow up with some moisturizer or rose hip oil and you’re bound to wake up with amazing skin that defies the winter gloom.

You deserve it.

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