Marvelous Oils

Remember when oil was a dirty word? (No pun intended!) There was once a time where the idea of oil and our hair/face were enough to make us run for the shower. But now? Oils are marvelous and we can’t get enough!


For your face: Rosehip oil can’t be beat.

I massage a few drops into my face and neck every night without fail. It will plump your skin and give you a healthy glow while also working against pesky pigmentation. But just a few drops, don’t go overboard.

For your body: what did I do before Palmers body oil came into my life?

I used to think body oil was best left to body builders, I mean, who wants to look like an oil slick? But that was before I realized how absolutely amazing body oil is, especially in winter when I’m dry as a desert. Massage the oil into your skin after a shower and allow it to absorb for a few minutes before getting dressed. Heaven!

For your hair: yeah you know what’s coming. If you haven’t heard of Moroccan Oil you must live under a rock!

I swear by this stuff. Once a week I work a pump of this liquid gold through damp hair from mid length to ends. Never on the roots. It smells good and my hair feels fantastic afterwards. A bottle is quite pricey but thankfully there are many comparable (and cheaper) options out there – nip down to Priceline to find some.

And there you have it, good oils.

Do you use oil? Any recommendations or tips?

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