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Girl, Work That Up Do!

Is there a hairstyle more versatile and stylish than a ponytail? In my opinion, no. Ponytails are my ‘do’ of choice for work – high and polished one day, slightly disheveled and to the side the next, and some days … Continue reading

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Product Review: Urban Fudge Sea Salt Texturising Spray

Now, I’m no stranger to sea salt spray, but I have no brand loyalty when it comes to it (it’s all just salt and water isn’t it?). So when I see a spray on special I snap it up. Today’s … Continue reading

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Product Review: Glossy Box December 2011

Well, I just received my Glossy Box December box and what can I say? I’m a little disappointed. Maybe disappointed is to strong a word, maybe underwhelmed is better? Either way, I wasn’t over the moon with my first Glossy … Continue reading

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Hair Copycat: Miley Cyrus’ Summer Perfect Braid At The ‘CNN Heroes Tribute’

Well, well, well Miley Cyrus is looking all kinds of grown up! Her cleavage in this dress is the talk of the tabloids, but we don’t care about that now do we? No, we care about her hair! One of … Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty Inspiration: Embrace The Headband

When Gossip Girl first started, I became obsessed with wearing headbands a la Blair Waldorf. The obsession lasted a while and then fizzled out, but now it seems that elaborate headbands are back and absolutely perfect for this holiday season. … Continue reading

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Hair Copycat: Lea Michele At The Premiere Of ‘New Years Eve’

Let’s ignore all of the gossip about Lea and Ashton Kutcher’s flirtatious behaviour on the red carpet and focus on the important stuff: her hair. Party season is upon us and I for one love this time of year. Yes, … Continue reading

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Christmas Is Just Over A Month Away! Beauty Gift Ideas for Him and Her.

If you’re beauty mad like me, there is no time of year that is more fun than Christmas. It’s that special time of the year when beauty brands release awesome Christmas products that would look perfectly at home in any … Continue reading

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