Product Review: Sukin Hand & Nail Cream

It’s no secret that I love Sukin products. They have been fantastic for my skin, and are so reasonably priced that it’s nothing at all for me to use them liberally and then replace straight away when finished. Plus it makes me feel kind of good to be ‘doing my bit’ for the environment as the products are carbon neutral and devoid of all the common chemicals.

So when I discovered their hand and nail cream recently I knew I had to try it.


When I started the cream my hands were quite dry and my nails brittle following a disaster at my nail salon a few weeks back – long story short, they filed and buffed my nails to bendy stubs. End of rant.

Anyway what were the results of the cream?

Day 1: As with all Sukin products, a little goes a long way. I applied the cream to my hands liberally after any encounter with water. My hands seemed a little better but not noticeably improved. The cream does however get a big tick for being non greasy.

Day 2: my hands felt a little better today with the dry scaly skin on my knuckles noticeably reduced. My hands still felt a little dry but not obviously so. Still I found myself compulsively rubbing cream on my hands numerous times during the day which tells me that it’s probably not very effective. I do like the soft fragrance though, and if anything good has come of this it is that my colleagues are now using hand cream to. We’re a vain lot!

Day 3: my hands are dry again despite religiously applying the cream the last few days. I give up!

All in all, as much as I want to love it, there are far better hand creams out there for a fraction of the price. Nothing I’ve tried so far comes close to my Nivea Q10 tube from Safeway ($3.99).

What hand cream is a must have in your handbag?

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The Hair I’d Have If I Was Braver

I have long hair. It wasn’t always long but for the last few years I have slowly gotten it to a great length – around elbow length. But as is often the case, once I got what I want, I want something else. And that something else is to be adventurous with my hair and really mix it up. Colour, cut, everything.

Maybe something like this?


Jessica Alba looks amazing. Her hair is that perfect mid length and has great movement. Her colour is beautiful to. And its kinda safe. Do I dare?

Or if I was braver, perhaps a sexy cut like Scarlet Johannson’s?


I’ve always had a fascination with red hair. But to be a red head is so risky. And the maintenance is tough. But it’s so tempting!

I’ll definitely put some serious consideration into mixing it up. Hair grows back afterall!

If you were brave enough, what hair style change would you make?

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Beauty Crush: Odette Annable

I have no idea who Odette Annable is. Nor do I know why she’s famous. But I really don’t care, she’s just so fricken gorgeous and her makeup is impeccable.

She has the most gorgeous brown hair and luminescent skin. She is perfection. Whether she’s rocking a bright lip or an elegant up do, Odette gets it right every time. Check it out for yourself.




I have my uni graduation in a few weeks and i plan to copy Odette’s perfect waves in picture 2. I might even go for a bright lip to, to stand out in the crowd of black gowns.

I am such a fan of understated, elegant beauty, and Odette has that in spades.

Do you love Odette’s look?

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How To: Blush

I never go anywhere without blush. When you’re as pale as I am you don’t have much choice.


I embraced blush when I was about fifteen, a time when my friends thought blush positively Nanna. ‘Why bother with blush when you can use bronzer’, they’d argue. ‘Because I don’t want to look like I’ve rubbed dirt on my face’ I would argue back. The poor pale girl in high school hadn’t yet found the perfect bronzer and had experienced nothing but heartbreak in her attempts to find one, but that’s another story.

But mastering blush wasn’t easy. In the beginning I over did it. A lot. But after a while I sought out professional advice and since then I’ve never looked back. So sit back, grab a blush and brush, and listen up. I’m about to make this really easy.

Tips for perfect application:

– DO use a blush brush. An actual blush brush, not a powder brush as it is a little larger and will make your application less precise.

– DO smile so you can find the fleshy apples of your cheeks. This is where you want your blush!

– DON’T panic If you’ve been too heavy handed. Take a cotton pad and gently press on your cheeks to pick up extra product. Don’t rub! I find that blush ‘settles’ after application so it might be that ‘too much’ is soon just right.

– DON’T take your blush beyond the outer corner of your eye. Imagine a strain line from the outer eye to your chin. Don’t cross it. Same applies to your nose – don’t get to close, just stick to the fleshy part of your cheek and you’ll be fine.

Whether your blush is a powder or cream, following these rules should help you perfect your application. So what are you waiting for? Go try it out!

Oh and if you’re interested, my favorite blush at the moment is Benefit Hervana. It is absolutely heavenly – the perfect pink with illuminating qualities.

Do you wear blush? Any tips or tricks?

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Girl, Work That Up Do!

Is there a hairstyle more versatile and stylish than a ponytail? In my opinion, no. Ponytails are my ‘do’ of choice for work – high and polished one day, slightly disheveled and to the side the next, and some days low and straight at the nape of my neck.

It just works. You can take the ponytail from day to night with ease…all you need is a hair elastic and comb! Check out these fabulous celebrity pony tails:




My trick to an elegant ‘dressy’ ponytail is to wrap a small section of hair around the elastic to hide it. I pin in place and voila! Easy. And if my ponytail needs some extra glam for a night out I add some cute earrings. To easy right?

And there’s only one thing you need to remember when it comes to ponytails – have fun! Play with the positioning, add accessories, style it straight or curly. The sky’s the limit.

How do you wear your ponytail?

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Bright Lips And Drinks

It’s (almost) the weekend and I don’t know about you, but I really need to let loose. A girls night with a few drinks in the mix would be perfect.

When I go out with the girls I love to experiment with my makeup. What my boyfriend dismisses as OTT is complimented by the girls. My boyfriend doesn’t really like it when I wear lipstick (the inevitable kiss means that he ends up wearing it to) but there’s no such danger with the girls. They know lipstick is a necessity. To not wear it would be unthinkable. And the brighter the lipstick, the better.

Emily Blunt is my bright lip inspiration. We share pale skin and dark brown hair so what looks good on her is a good guide for me. This look sums up the perfect girl night out makeup, isn’t it perfection?


To copy this look Revlon lip Butter in ‘Sweet Tart’ ($21.95) would be my weapon of choice. However if you love Emily’s lipstick so much you must have the perfect match, her lipstick was Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in ‘Spellbound.’

The trick to a bright lip that will last through drinks is preparation. You need to lay the foundations so your lipstick has something to stick to. For this you have two choices – 1, prime your lips with a lip-stain in a matching shade, or 2, dab concealer on your lips before you apply your lipstick. I personally prefer the lip-stain option but concealer also works a treat for anchoring your lip colour.

The other thing to remember is to not overdo the rest of your makeup. Less is more.

Will you be working a bright lip this weekend?

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Product Review: Revlon Lip Butter Lipsticks

Unless you’re living under a (beauty) rock, you will have heard about the new lipstick offering by Revlon. Still not sure what I’m on about? The Revlon lip butters of course.


I couldn’t stand the wait for these beauties to hit the shelves. The endless chatter about them online just added to my curiosity. Emma Stone’s role in the advertising probably helped to. So when I heard that they’d arrived at Priceline, well I was there in a jiffy.


It was tough to pick which to purchase but I ultimately chose ‘Peach Parfait’ (as seen on Emma Stone) and ‘Sweet Tart’ (bright, fun pink). Priceline is having a 2 for 1 deal at the moment so it was a bargain. I recommend you get to a store ASAP before this deal expires.

Peach Parfait swatch:


Sweet Tart swatch:


So what did I think?

I LOVE THEM! I was worried that they’d be too sheer but they’re surprisingly buildable. For day you can have a cute wash of sheer gloss, and for night you can build it up to a gorgeous pop of colour. Plus they are super moisturizing which is a big plus for me as I work in an office where the air con sucks the life out of my skin.

Peach Parfait has a little sparkle which would usually put me off but it actually endears it to me. The sparkle is fun and not to over the top, perfect for those days when you need a little (just a little) sparkle in your life. Like work. Sweet Tart is more solid, without noticeable sparkle, and makes me feel like summer is back and here to stay. Perfect for the girly girls out there.

They’re fast becoming my favorite lipsticks…adore them. Honestly I think these are my favourite Revlon products ever, and that’s saying something as I think they’re eyeshadows are pretty damn awesome.

So yes they did live up to the hype, and yes you must buy one or two or the whole collection. You won’t regret it.

Have you tried the Revlon lip butters? What do you think of them, did they live up to the hype?

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