The Hair I’d Have If I Was Braver

I have long hair. It wasn’t always long but for the last few years I have slowly gotten it to a great length – around elbow length. But as is often the case, once I got what I want, I want something else. And that something else is to be adventurous with my hair and really mix it up. Colour, cut, everything.

Maybe something like this?


Jessica Alba looks amazing. Her hair is that perfect mid length and has great movement. Her colour is beautiful to. And its kinda safe. Do I dare?

Or if I was braver, perhaps a sexy cut like Scarlet Johannson’s?


I’ve always had a fascination with red hair. But to be a red head is so risky. And the maintenance is tough. But it’s so tempting!

I’ll definitely put some serious consideration into mixing it up. Hair grows back afterall!

If you were brave enough, what hair style change would you make?

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